Evan Hecox @ Joshua Liner Gallery

Evan Hecox is a Colorado-based artist and designer whose work portrays the essence of urban environments. His work depicts city scenes or isolated elements that are almost cinematic in their stark contrast and abstraction. Hecox is fascinated with the complexity of the urban landscape and people from the mundane surroundings that one would normally overlook. Like snapshots or filmstrips, his art captures the everyday existence of the average person as they traverse the detritus of the modern metropolis. His stylistic approach is based on the process of amplification as it affects form and color, breaking down the image, removing elements and emphasizing others.

Joshua Liner Gallery
548 West 28th Street 3rd. Floor New York, NY 10001






New Horfe Print from Topsafe London

Horfe is currently one of my favorite artists/graffiti writers hailing from paris. His work reminds me more of things like Pink Floyd’s the wall (film) and 70’s style art and illustration work by the likes of Vaughn Bode.

Recently TopSafe London has posted some new treats in the store section including this amazing Horfe print.

get yours HERE.

Book of the week: Cutting Edges

Cutting Edges documents the new heyday of collage in current art and visual culture. Today’s artists, illustrators, and designers are increasingly drawn to this artistic technique by the challenges of seamlessly melding traditional craftsmanship with skilled computer montage. They are not only composing a wide variety of visual elements, but are also deliberately omitting, deleting, and destroying them. This book is an inspiring collection of these unique examples of contemporary collage.

60$ at gestalten.com

Via Greg Lamarche

Jean Labourdett Print

The print features an image of The Artist’s Unconscious Mind (Self Portrait), a painting from The Rising—Labourette’s most recent solo exhibition.

digital ultrachrome giclee on
Hahnemühle photo rag 308g/sm paper
signed/numbered, edition of 50

24 x 16 inches, paper size
21 x 13.25 inches, image size

185$ Available at Jonathan Levine Gallery.

Book of the week: Delusional

A good 60% of my favorite art I’ve ever seen in person comes from the walls of the Levine Gallery. Go buy this book about gallerist Jonathan Levine.

Nice cover, congrats Jonathan! (Book by Gingko Press)

Jonathan LeVine Gallery | 529 West 20th Street, 9th Floor | New York, NY 10011 | Open Tuesday through Saturday, 11am to 6pm | 212-243-3822